Lisa Bernson

Allround stylist


From an early age I was always drawn to visuals. Looking around, noticing details. This eye developed into a passion for creating things. Whether it was jewellery, art, clothes, collages, images, dance routines, songs or plays. I did it all.

I decided to study allround styling at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam. Where, for four years, I emerged myself into a world of designing concepts for fashion, interior, food, media and retail purposes.

From July 2014, I interned as a fashion assistant at Marie Claire Netherlands for six months. And in February 2016 I completed my casestudy at the Amsterdam based jewellery and home accessories brand À la.

After completing my bachelor degree in June 2016, I took the time to figure out what I wanted to do with my degree. Taking up courses in costume history and French, whilst working part time at a clothing store.

As of today I am working as a visual merchandiser in Haarlem.